Sourcing quality cores sometimes gives us odd numbers and at the end of the latest batch we have ended up with a set of extra lower arms.  We have a single discounted kit that we are selling that will come with everything in the full kit but with out upper control arms.  This means you would need to re-use your existing upper control arms by bolting the upper fabricated bracket to your arm with simple tools and a torque wrench. 


What you get for $1399

  • Extended brake lines
  • Tie rod adjusting sleeves
  • Fabricated/Extended Lower Control Arm
  • Fabricated Upper Control Arm Extension with hardware
  • Products pictured are what you will receive, no custom colors or options. 


We currently do not have any full kits in stock but we expect them to go on sale on line in about three weeks. We are currently waiting on a shipment of 20 fresh cores for us to build from!

Incomplete Blazeland Long Arm Kit

$1,599.00 Regular Price
$1,399.00Sale Price
  • On shelf, ships immidiatly.